The publication is not the end point. Particular Facts’ products can be exhibitions, workshops, or any other object seen fit to the theme being communicated. We consider it our responsibility to question the purpose of the book – both the physical and the digital variant – its contextual value and thereby its significance. We do not believe the physical publication should be a vessel of nostalgic sentiments, but that it in itself holds value as an item of knowledge and presentation of ideas. We strive to communicate in an effective and critical way. This is based on the belief that criticality is a way to contextualise, interpret, consider, describe and explore society and contemporary setting.

Particular Facts is Kristina Ketola Bore, Asbjørn René Josdal and Mats Lande. Picasso Foran

Pablo Pedersen – å oppdage Picasso i Norge

Pablo Picasso emerges as an unrivalled figure, the constantly present artist in modern museums settings, embedded into the preliminary understanding of art for the layperson. He is mysterious, mythical, but at the same time naive, complex – sometimes even simple. This is however not a book about Picasso, but about Pablo Pedersen.

Who is Pablo Pedersen? He is the visual heritage of Picasso in Norway. With Picasso as a lens we have asked questions about the artist: is she dependent on a process? Can one ”just make”? And how does modernistic art relate itself to contemporary practice, can one avoid re-contextualisation of the great modernistic narratives?

Through a series of written pieces we seek to unearth who Pedersen was and is. This book believes to have localised Pablo Pedersen, the Norwegian impression after Picasso. Mythical and mysterious, yes – but a little more comprehensible.

124 pages, 13 x 20 cm
perfect bound, stitched
500 copies
150 NOK

Theodor Barth
Per Hovdenakk
Henrik Mojord Jahnsen
Olav Løkken Reisop

Kristina Ketola Bore



En form for historie

A exhibition by Particular Facts and Maziar Raein.
14. november – 03. januar 2014 - Galleri R21

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